Tech Journal

This is about various tech-related topics. I’m keeping this separate from articles because of the more technical language here.

How I Manage my Passswords Across my Devices

Previously, I used Lastpass for this purpose, but as I grew more accustomed to using free software, Lastpass became more, and more of a strange choice. Then, the people at Lastpass decided to restrict usage to one device without their premium service. I put off moving from Lastpass until a few months ago where I switched to storing the passwords encrypted with GPG. At time of writing, there are 3 devices that I need my passwords on: my main PC, my Surface Pro laptop (both of which are running Arch Linux), and my Android phone. ... [Read more]

How I do my Computing

This is a list of software that I use on my main computer. I won’t mention my phone, or other devices that I use today as I think that is a subject worhty of its own article, and I still unfortunately use a lot of non-free software on my other devices which I am going to start to rectify. I try to use as much free (as in freedom) software as I can. ... [Read more]