These are articles I write from time to time based on any thoughts that come to my mind.

On Religion

When people ask what my religion is I normally reply by saying I’m an atheist. However, this doesn’t accurately represent my views. I believe that there might be a god, but I don’t know that for certain. I have recently learnt that there is a word for this: agnosticism. Turns out, many other well known people have similar views like Edward Snowden, and Paul McCartney to name a couple. But it must be noted that there are a variety of views that can be attributed to the term agnosticism. ... [Read more]

Some thoughts on the current situation Labour finds itself in

I should probably state what I want to see from the Labour party. I personally believe this country needs radical fundamental change, but I realise this is going to be really difficult, will probably take a while, and is virtually impossible to do within the current Labour party. With this in mind, in the short-term I want to see Labour commit to social democratic policies as I believe social democracy is leagues better than what we currently live under (but still fails to address the crucial issues in our society - but this isn’t an article on my ideology). ... [Read more]

Social Media

I originally wrote this on my Instagram because there was an in joke that my random posts were ‘too political’ so I decided just to go full on political. I’m not sure if I should have expected anyone to have read it, and I suspect no one did (getting people to actually read stuff these days is very difficult). I actually would’ve like to have written more but Instagram has a limit on the caption you’re allowed to have so I had to keep it under that limit. ... [Read more]